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About Me ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป

I began my career as a Full Stack Engineer and have since transitioned into DevOps over the past four years. My passion lies in maximizing efficiency throughout the application lifecycle, with a particular interest in tooling that improves the developer experience and eliminating cloud waste. I am proud to have contributed to large, business-critical projects in the media and retail industries, and I am continually seeking opportunities to further develop my skills and expertise.

Availability ๐Ÿ’ป

Iโ€™m open to new opportunities. If youโ€™re a hiring manager or a developer in need of a referral bonus, please contact me. No third-party recruiters, please.

Experience ๐Ÿš€

DXC (France)

2019-09 - Present

Cloud System Engineer & Full Stack Lead Developer

As a DXC consultant, I'm supporting clients on site with delivering software solutions by providing my technical and management expertise. The role was also to collaborate with sales to land new assignments and to mentor new recruits.

Client Description
CSTB, France

Scientific and Technical Center for Building, is the French national organisation providing research and innovation, consultancy, testing, training and certification services in the construction industry.
I was hired to build the Full Stack Angular, ASP.NET and MongoDB application and set the infrastructure offering a solution for delivering and managing over 100000 certificates and products I was also in charge to mentor new team members on a daily basis.

Tech used: Angular - ASP.NET - MongoDB Jenkins - Docker - Azure AD - Ansible - Nginx - GitLab CI/CD

Github Internal, Finland, United States of America and France

I Created and configured a new Github Instance for an internal Client and Monitored all servers, Migrated instance from cloud to cloud Monitored the health of our multiple servers health with Amazon SNS and Grafana Charts Builded a custom Lambda function, that formats a Teams message and makes a POST request to a Teams channel, when an EC2 instance exceeds a certain percentage.

Tech used: Ansible - Grafana - Terraform - Amazon Lambda - Python - AwK - IAM - EC2 - ASG - ELB EB - EFS - S3 - R53 - SQS - SNS - VPC - CloudWatch

Github Automation Team, USA and France

I Was part of the Github Automation Team, I created a Github App based on probot and AWS Lex that automates requests against Jira, Confluence, Github , Jenkins and Artifactory.

Tech used: Amazon Lambda - Python AwK IAM - EC2 - ASG - ELB - EB EFS - S3 R53 - SQS - SNS - VPC - Ansible Grafana - Terraform

Nexton (France)

2019-04 - 2019-08

Full Stack Javascript Developer

As a Nexton Consultant, I was working on creating a Project Manager Application (Simple Kanban board software) built with Electron and React. It supports all three major platforms (Windows, Linux and macOS). I took care of front and back end development.

Tech used: Javascript- React - Electron - PostgreSQL - Cloudinary

Freelance (Tunisia, France)

2018-11 - 2019-03

Full Stack Developer

I was able to work on some projects as a Freelance.

  • Redesigned The website of Arab Family Organization in Arabic Language.
  • Developed an application for Scraping useful information from a given organization.
  • Built a Discord bot used to organize a movie night for TFT

Tech used: Javascript - Heroku - NodeJS - React - Cloudinary - Firebase - x-ray - Letterboxd API

Skills โœจ

Frontend y/xp Comment
Javascript / HTML / CSS 12 years I wrote my first website in high school around 2011. Since then I have been interested in web development. Javascript is my main language of choice.
Angular 6 years I have been working with Angular since the first version And Still building solution with it till now.
Typescript 3 years TypeScript allows me to spend more time writing code and less time runtime testing it. 95% of the time when I write TS code that doesnโ€™t throw a compile time error, it works as intended first time testing it. Invaluable when you have deadlines to reach
React 3 years The advantage of React is that it abstracts having to work with the DOM directly. I did multiple project as a freelance and personal ones using it.
Vue 1 year I like the simplicity it brings, the opinionated framework, but yet highly customizable.
Backend Experience Comment
Node.js 8 years I have used Node.js since around 2014. It is such a freedom to be able to write JS/TS on the server.
Go Currently learning it The language is very pleasant to write and performant, that gives you a lot of control.
Deno & Deno Deploy 1 year This is a super exciting framework and platform. I'm using it on my hobby projects for the moment.
C# / .NET 5 years I'm currently using C#/ .Net with my actual client. It's a pleasure to code with it.
Bash / Shell / AWK 6 years Writing simple scripts and keeping your .zshrc full of handy aliases is something that helps everyday dev work.
MySQL / MS SQL 8 years SELCT all FROM YourBase WHERE are = 'belongs to us';
MongoDb 8 years
Ops Experience Comment
AWS 4 years Most of the companies I have worked for are deploying to AWS. I know my way around ECS to deploy docker containers (Tasks) and to setup simple resources.
Docker 2 years I use Docker on almost a daily basis. When deploying any service or frontend it's always bundled in an image. It's a great tool to have your service separated from the underlying host OS and to avoid installing a lot of dependencies locally or in the host machine.
Ansible 2 years I use it for provisioning VMs in the cloud and in my homelab, configuring VMs, building containers.
Kubernetes Currently learning it
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